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Founded in the first quarter of 2002, Servicesat provides service and equipment to facilitate the transmission of high-speed data, voice and video over a satellite network. Servicesat maintains its high standards of service by offering numerous hardware and service options, as well as the right guidance, to find the most suitable solution to match the customers' budgets and needs.

Servicesat approaches the market with a view to delivering what the customer requires rather than attempting to "force" the wrong technology. Significant attention is given to the technical as well as the practical suitability of our various satellite products and extensive testing is conducted before a product is released. Servicesat has full in-house network design and implementation facilities extending beyond the pure satellite aspect of the business.

The combination of our unrivalled knowledge of current products in the satellite communication industry, as well as our past experience in deploying large networks, enables us to offer independent advice for a range of solutions. From simple Telemetry to VPN-based connectivity, as well as telephony and surveillance, Servicesat can provide the right solution.