Servicesat's Fiber network

Servicesat provides countrywide connectivity throughout Iraq through a broad mix of national and private fiber and microwave transmission mediums. Servicesat extends this network with cross border connections with Jordan, Turkey and Kuwait.

Servicesat leases SDH channels over the Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company (ITPC) backbone. The ITPC backbone, built on Cienna OME6500 CPL based platform, provides protection and redundancy that enables Servicesat to provide high levels of service and minimal outages. For International and Domestic Private Leased Lines, Servicesat offers E1 up through STM-1 circuits.

MPLS connections

In addition to leased lines, Servicesat provides a complete set of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network solutions based on the Cisco platform to deliver high performing, cost effective and secure network connectivity. Servicesat currently offers Points of Presence (PoP)'s in Iraq and internationally. Servicesat's POP's include Baghdad, Basra, Nasariyah, Erbil and Kirkuk. Internationally, Servicesat can connect in London, Frankfurt and Marseilles.
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